With the ever increasing standards of production, as well as the increasing level of competition from global markets, it is imperative that today’s manufacturing sector stay on the leading edge of technology and process solutions. Advancing through automation is integral in building a strong company, and, as a whole, a strong economy.
Automation provides companies the ability to produce higher quality product that can be documented, tested, and traced through every stage of development, at a lower cost and a far greater efficiency.
We have experienced technicians to provide a wide variety of services: from designing, building, and installing large turnkey systems, to troubleshooting small applications.


As local and global economy grows, there is a constant need for commercial spaces to provide service through various industry to the demand of the general population.
In commercial installs, we feel it is equally as important that the electrical install is as visually appealing as it is functional. For the customer, functionality is important as it is the power, data and communication of their entire business. It is also important that the install be visually appealing as our customers will have clients visiting and judging every little aspect of their company before making a decision that may be life altering.


Every year residential electrical standards increase to accommodate for the improved level of safety standards provided by the Canadian Electrical Code, as well as the improvement in technology available. We strive to maintain a high level of knowledge about new and upcoming products that will improve your residential electrical in every way possible.
 Efficiency, appearance and functionality of your residential electrical is the cornerstone to happy safe living. From basic receptacle installs, to complex lighting installs, or even new high tech lighting control systems featuring smart phone technology, we have the skills and the knowledge to work with you towards achieving results that will accent your home. 
Through ESA and CSA inspections and certification, M.V.A strives to go above and beyond the minimum requirements of the Canadian Electrical code, to bring the highest standards in safety and quality to each installation.